Seeing occasional ads for new releases

Seeing occasional ads for new releases


So more and more often now I have been seeing ads for "new releases" that cover the whole app. I have been a premium subscriber for many years now. Why am I seeing these ads? See the screenshot for reference.

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Hi @Supergregg!

I get these pop-ups too sometimes, but only in relation to artists or very similar artists I follow/stream heavily.
You can try toggling the "New Music"/ "Recommended Music" push notifications in your app settings and see if they don't come up any more.
Personally, I prefer to have all notices on from Spotify so I can't confirm if that makes them disappear. 🙂

Hope this helps!


I have most notifications of, exept Push and Email for Artist updates(not sure why?), will turn them off now. I have not recieved any emails but these full screen ads do show up sometime. Unfortunately always for artist I cant even remember I have ever listened to. Also, this is hardly a "Push Notification", its a full screen Ad. I have never seen an actual notification from Spotify, yet, thank glob! However it is very annoying. Starting spotify and this **bleep** blocks the app and i have to Dismiss it. I dont want to dismiss it, I'm paying to NOT se it at all!

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