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Set up Spotify in foreign country - how do I go Premium or change location?

Set up Spotify in foreign country - how do I go Premium or change location?


I set up Spotify on my phone whilst in Thailand. I will be here for another month and then I will move on to Malaysia and then Indonesia. After that I'll be moving between countries througout SE Asia and then Canada/States.


First of all, because I'm English speaking, I'm finding the Thai and Singapore ads infuriating. I don't understand what they are trying to sell me so they're pointless.


More importantly, I am getting warnings that I can only use Spotify 'abroad' and that I need to change my location. When I view my user profile I can only choose Malaysia and Thailand.


Finally, I have read that to go Premium I have to pay through the country in which I registered my Spotify account, which is Thailand. I do not have a bank account in Thailand. It is in the UK, a country that I will not be returning to in the near future.


So where do I stand?


Thanks in advance.

1 Reply

Hey there @demonboy,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


As a Free user without a payment method based in the countries you're visiting, you won't be able to upgrade through the website.

You can however try looking for Spotify gift cards to go ad-free. 


Note: A Free account can't change to a country which it's not being used in, and ad settings aren't changeable.


Hope this sheds some light on the matter in hand 😃

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