Some songs disappeared once joining premium


Some songs disappeared once joining premium

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I am currently in Taiwan, and have been using Free Spotify for about two years (in Taiwan).

This morning I started the free Premium Trial, with a Japanese credit card.


After I started the trial, many of my songs became unavailable, by my understanding this is because I used a Japanese credit card, even though I am not in Japan.

Is there any way to stop this? Some of the songs that disappeared were some of my favourites...


At this rate, I think I'll just settle for free Spotify..

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Re: Some songs once joining premium

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Hey @user-removed

The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.

Sometimes the music is only available in certain countries, while access is blocked to others due to licensing agreements. The Spotify catalog will be different in every country.

The songs/albums that are not playable will still be shown in your playlists so you can keep track of them. Make sure to go in settings and check for the setting that shows unavailable songs.

Re: Some songs disappear once joining premium

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Hi @MattSuda,


Thanks for the reply. I understand that availability changes with country, but the thing is songs which were previously available to me - before premium, are now no longer available, despite the fact that my country of residence hasn't changed.


Thank you.

Re: Some songs disappear once joining premium

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Hi Yukon, since you don't live in Japan but use a Japanese credit card, the artists you listen to may not accept types of currency like YEN. Spotify does, and so you can stream Spotify, but if an artist doesn't accept the currency you pay with, then you won't be able to listen to their music, sorry. Instead, for now you could listen to the music on your free account, but until the artists accepts different currencies, you won't be allowed to listen to their music.