Spotify Family invitations don't work


Spotify Family invitations don't work

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 My kids, who fulfil the criteria for Premium for Family, got kicked out of the plan and downgraded to "Free". When I try to re-invite them, they get the invite, accept it, get an email that confirms that they are now part of the Premium offer, but in the app the account is still on Free and when clicking on Premium it says "Spotify Premium cannot be purchased in this app". We have tried to  re-invite several times but we always end up in the above situation. What is wrong?







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Re: Spotify Family invitations don't work

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Hey threre @mathildab1,

sorry to hear your having this issue.


As a first step try doing the process using an incognito web page as it tends to do the trick.


As written under the "Premium for Family" help page please note:


"If the person accepting the invite is doing so on the same device it was sent from, make sure the owner who sent the invite has logged out of their account page first.

The owner and all members of a Premium for Family plan must reside at the same address."


Waiting on your update 😃

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Re: Spotify Family invitations don't work

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Hi, thanks!


Will try the incognito web page. I used a computer, my kids used their respective iPhones, so not the same device. And, it worked up until mid X-mas holiday when we where connecting Spotify to Google Assistant for all of us. Since then it has not worked and the message in their respective apps is that it is not even possible to chose Premium via their apps at all. Where did that come from?


We live on the same address, BUT I and their father are divorced which means that they spend their time more or less 50/50 at my place and his place. Their legal address is with me though (hence my family plan and not on his subscriptiom) , and in this day and age I would assume Spotify can't be so out of it that they track their whereabouts and from that draw the conclusion that we do not fulfil the address critiera.... Or? If that is so, I will instantly become an ex-customer...

Re: Spotify Family invitations don't work

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Hey @mathildab1, we're here to help you out.


We do have some criteria on who can be part of a Premium for Family plan, one of the being residing in the same household as explained here. We understand that circumstances may vary, but as long as they live with you parts of the time, there shouldn't be any issues when it comes to eligibility as long as they provide the right address when prompted. 


We suggest that you have a look at your account page, under Premium for Family, to see who is part of it. If any of your children are displayed, but they don't see any Premium features such as downloading music or ad-free listening, it means they may be logged in on the wrong account. It is possible to have created more than one accounts, so make sure they log out from their app and account page, and log back in with the right details (more on how to find other accounts here).


Regarding accepting the invite, we suggest that you check out @OneByBoo's response, as well as making sure your children are logged out from their account page before accepting.


Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes!