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Spotify/Hulu billing Q

Spotify/Hulu billing Q

Ok i want to sign up for the spotify/Hulu package  (yes I already have spotify premium)

 My question is  that my bill will charge on the 17th. I don't want to change my due date because with my bills,  this falls after and b4 certain bills are due. 

 Should I wait until the 17th to activate spotify/Hulu?  I'm not sure if u can change your billing date, plus after I pay for spotify I don't want to pay again unless I have to. Does this question make sense?


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Hi @Pissedmetalhead, if you don't want to be billed, you can cancel your premium temporarly and activate it again when you'd like to be billed. All your music will stay, you'll just loose your downloads and premium features temporarly

Well, I want to be billed (you have to be a premium member to get it) from what I read. Just being cautious I guess

Anyone else please?

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