Spotify Premium - Don't have it but can use it


Spotify Premium - Don't have it but can use it


So, I had a 6 free months of spotify premium. Those 6 months ended and I continued to have spotify premium for quite a long time. Today I got this text saying (for the very first time) that 1.56 euros have been removed for spotify to stay premium for another week. So i came here trying to cancel my "premium account" and it said my account wasn't premium and I couldn't cancel my subscription. So, I've been using a premium account for the longest time, just got a text saying I paid for it and can't cancel it?

Don't know what's going on. Somebody help me?

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Re: Spotify Premium - Don't have it but can use it


Hi @beatriznogueira, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Try to log out/ log in and see if your Premium activates. If a log out/ log in doesn’t work check your inbox. Did you get a confirmation email after upgrading?

If you have your subscription confirmation and it’s still not appearing you may have created a second account and upgrade that one on accident. Please follow this guide in our FAQ to find out if you have a second account.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!