Spotify Premium + Hulu subscription - Hulu charging

Spotify Premium + Hulu subscription - Hulu charging






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I used to have a paid Hulu account several months ago ( I cancelled it). This Hulu account was not linked to the same email address I use to login on my Spotify Premium account. When the Spotify + Hulu alliance was announced I proceeded to activate the service on my account. However, a month later, Hulu charged me $15.98 (monthly subscription fee). It was my understanding that (1) the service was going to be included as part of my benefits as a Spotify Premium subscriber and (2) that all the charges were going to be handled through Spotify. When I go to my payment history on Spotify there is no receipt associated to the transaction. Any idea of what might be happening? Should I contact Hulu support directly?

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Hi @jenniferserrano,


Thanks for bringing this up in the community. That seems awkward enough. Since it's Hulu who you say are charging you, maybe you could contact them directly first to help figure out why they are charging you. 
If that proves to be unsuccessful, you could reach out to Spotify directly via this link:


Hopefully this will sort it out,


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