Spotify Premium Podcast ads inserted by Spotify


Spotify Premium Podcast ads inserted by Spotify


I have Spotify Premium and I've been getting ads within podcasts and the podcast creators said some of them are being inserted by Spotify (and quite poorly in fact).  Here was my journey to the truth.


  1. I first became suspicious when I noticed ads cutting off podcast speakers mid-word.  By the time the podcasters came back from the commercial break the topic sometimes felt lost and the break seemed very detrimental to the program.  In addition, some podcasters would take a supported sponsor break shortly after the commercial.  
  2. One commercial for McD (which *somewhat* surprised me for this small podcast) was at the very end of the podcast.  I didn't listen to the entire commercial because the podcast was over.  I stopped about halfway through the commercial and went to a completely different podcast.  Guess what? The new podcast started by playing that commercial immediately where I had stopped.
  3. I used another application St...... and listened to the same podcasts and there were no random commercials inserted mid-word / sentence.  Yes some podcasts still had their sponsors, but no additional commercials were added.
  4. Finally, I contacted the podcasters via Twitter and told them about my experience.  Needless to say they did not support adding these commercials nor are they getting revenue from them.

This is a very disappointing trend and although I haven't cancelled my subscription I'm now going to start listening to my podcasts on a different service.  







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Re: Spotify Premium Podcast ads inserted by Spotify

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Hey @therealrebs 


Do you get email receipts for your subscription purchases? Search for one of them in your email account. In it, the Spotify username you're paying for is shown:


Username/ID:        xxxxxxx

Logout of the app, and be sure to use that username to login to your account. It's the one with the Premium features.


You can login to the website with that username to check the status of your subscription, and your receipts.
Hope it helps. :)
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