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Spotify Premium doesn't work on Windows Lumia 550 phone

Spotify Premium doesn't work on Windows Lumia 550 phone

I bought a subscription the other day because - as far as I know - the free version doesn't work on mobiles.

Paid, and I can't use the app when out and about (Which is the whole point of me paying at all), 

Couple of questions: Can Spotify Free work on Windows phone? Literally all I could figure out from the table Spotify has compsring Premium and Free is that you can only do shuffle mode on Free, whereas Premium as srveral other features.

Second: Does Spotify actually work on Windows 10 phones at all? If not, then I wasted my money on a subscription when I never needed to

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Sorry to hear about your issue! As far as I have seen Spotify works on most (if not all) mobile devices, when you try to use spotify out and about do you have mobile data yu can use and in range for service?

You are right however, Spotify free does only allow you to shuffle play whilst on mobile device, the additonal features (incase you don't know) include being able to play any song you want (rather than shuffle play), download songs for offline listening, preview the cover of the next song and stream your listening to more devices.

I believe you should not run into any issues on a Windows 10 mobile device so if you haven't already give that a try.


Hello @子猫の手. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!

Great to hear you've got a Premium subscription. 🙂 Being able to listen to music offline, and pick your tracks instead of having shuffle mode on all the time is really nice.


To get started on a Windows phone like your Lumia 550, you should be able to download the Spotify mobile app at the link below:




You'll probably need to be running the latest Windows 10 Mobile update on your phone to install the app, so be sure to check for updates in the Settings app on your phone first. Let me know if you need a hand logging in or if you get it working, and keep on rockin'!

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