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Spotify Suddenly Charge Premium Family Subscription

Spotify Suddenly Charge Premium Family Subscription






(Samsung Tab A 8.0 with S-Pen)

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(Android Nougat)


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I have been charged for a premium family subscription without my knowledge and I don't receive any receipt from Spotify except bill in my bank account. Previously, I subscribe a Premium 3 month with a discount price and the subcribe is due on 22th August. Today, my premium plan hasn't expired, but suddenly I get charged with a Premium Family Plan. I don't receive receipt in my email. Please help me to get refund.

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Hey @Mille77, thanks for writing!


We’re sorry to hear that this is happening to you. If you didn't authorize this payment, then our best suggestion would be to check the info you'll find on this link from our Support page for what to do next.


We hope everything gets sorted out smoothly.

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