Spotify and hulu connection


Spotify and hulu connection


I have had the spotify student plan for over a year now. The only thing I've recently changed is my payment to a different credit card. It already billed me for this month so its not that. I've had hulu this whole time connected and just today I tried to log into my account on my computer and it kept saying the username and password was wrong and it wouldnt even register that there was a hulu account under my email. I was logged in on my phone and tried to log out and log back in to see if the username was wrong and it didnt let me log back in. I went into my spotify account and it said hulu was activated but when I clicked start watching it took me to the log in website and said I had to renew my account or pick a new plan. Is there a way to deactive and re active my hulu through spotify since clicking start watching doesn't work. Please help. 


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You can deactivate your Hulu subscription by clicking "Your Services" then "Deacrivate Hulu", but you may not be able to reactivate it back because Premium + Hulu is no longer offered here in the US starting May 14th. I recommend resetting your Hulu password since you are unable to login.