Spotify library song limit


Spotify library song limit


I switched my subscription from Google to Spotify recently due to a number of faults I found with their services. My experience with Spotify has been great so far, until today.


Only two weeks into my premium subscription, I already hit the 'saved' song limit on my library. Am I expected to use the clunky playlist feature to save any new music?


I'm aware that I can still stream any song I wish, but I listen to a high volume of music, and absolutely need the save feature to ensure I can keep track of my albums. (In fact, one of the reasons I switched from Google was that their service would remove songs from my collection if their contracts changed and were no longer streamable, etc. without notifying me.)


Please, either remove or dramatically increase this silly limit on saved songs. (Then, move on to improved organization/metadata support for offline songs.)

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Hey, welcome to the Spotify Community!

Spotify love to hear feedback , if you head over to the Ideas pages you can create and vote on things like this. 
Increasing the maximum song limit is already in there and open for voting! Take a look here. 

Hope that helps! 
- Chris


Wow, open for voting since 2014. Clearly Spotify developers don't give a **** about this


edit: I saw their update from September. Basically a giant middle finger to folks who are passionate about music. For reference, Apple allows you to save 100k songs, and Google music allows you to upload 50k songs alone.


That's right, the number of your own songs Google lets you host on their platform is more than the number of songs you can bookmark with Spotify


Hey Spotify,


Any update on this request?


Yeah, open voting since 2014. They don't care...

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Hi there!

Spotify's all ears, and is listening to your feedback! Keep leaving your thoughts in the idea, and hopefully Spotify will remove this soon!