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Spotify no longer pairing to my amazon echo/alexa account

Spotify no longer pairing to my amazon echo/alexa account

So the other day I received the below email from Spotify. Hi To protect your Spotify account, we've reset your password due to detected suspicious activity. You need to create a new password to log back in. Just click the big green button. RESET PASSWORD If the button doesn't work, please click here to reset your password manually. The Spotify Team Basically the password was automatically re-set and I was then logged out of all services that my Spotify was paired to including my Bose Wave Soundtouch and two Amazon Echo devices. I re-set my password after this Unfortunately the amazon echo account is acting like it is still partially paired somehow. All my Spotify songs in the alexa app still appear, but clicking on them just produces a loading bar along the bottom of the alexa app on my phone. If I go in music settings within the app there is no spotify account to unlink and relink again and if I try and add the Spotify account from scratch, when I get to the section which says "add a service" it gives me from Apple Music, Tunein, Dezer, Spotify etc. the button for Spotify does nothing when clicking on it. Its like Spotify is unable to pair back to my Alexa account
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Same issue here! Please help!

I managed to do itin the end.  I gave up on my mobile devices though. I had to use my MacBook and login that way and it allowed me to remove the Spotify service from the alexa.


I followed this link on my Mac:

same please fix

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