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Spotify paid twice?

Spotify paid twice?

So I'm using Spotify Premium for Students and I normally pay 4,99€ a month. I remember the first month I paid with the invoice option and everything went smooth, then at some point I had to change the payment option for some reason (and also proof that I'm (still?) a student properly). I did all that and changed the payment option to PayPal. So at the middle of last month (April) Spotify tried to take off money off of my account (it said 0,01€ in the transaction details) but it got cancelled. I thought it was because I didn't have any money on my PayPal account (instead, I had enough on my bank account though, which is registered with my PayPal account) for some reason, so I changed my payment method to invoice again. 
Now, it's been quite a couple of days since I changed the method and I now saw that Spotify took 9,99€ off of my PayPal account AND another 4,99€ off of my bank account directly. First of all, I wanted to ask why it's 9,99€ - maybe because of a fee since it didn't work the last time via PayPal? And is it paid twice now? Is there a way to get my money back or do I therefore don't have to pay next month? 
Thank you in advance. 


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Hey @Lizabel, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've been charged twice.


Let's check if you have multiple Spotify accounts set up with your information. To do so I suggest following these steps. You could have upgraded a second account, instead of renewing the discount.


If you only have one Spotify account, try checking here if a receipt was generated for both transactions. If there's only one receipt, the second payment could be pending, and should go back to your bank account automatically.


Let me know what you find.

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