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Spotify student premium charged full price

Spotify student premium charged full price

so yeah, i was confirmed for the student discount but still got charged full. Can someone fix this. who do i talk to. 

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Hey there @emzda,

thanks for posting in the community !


To make sure that you are verified and that the student trial prejects and approved on your account please visit you accout page here and check the status of your subscription.


Let me know what you find 😃

Hi, I have Spotify student premium since 18.03.2018. Two days ago Spotify charged me full premium price. I noticed that  my spotify account page showed full price for premium. I have used SheerID to verify that I am a student again. I got an email which stated that verification was succesful. It seems that student premium period has expired. Shouldn't Spotify have contacted me before turning my account into full premium? How can I get my money returned? Thanks a lot. 

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