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Spotify was connected to Ex Girlfriend's Google Home. How do I remove it?

Spotify was connected to Ex Girlfriend's Google Home. How do I remove it?

So basically my ex moved out and she had a google home here that my Spotify account was attached to. Now, whenever she says "Hey google play this-or-that" it will use my Spotify account to play this-or-that. When I am in my account settings on the Spotify site, there is no option for the Google home for an offline device or anything. 


I have asked her to disconnect my account from her Google home with the Google home app, and she says that she has done so.


I have also selected the "Sign out everywhere" button and then needed to sign back in on my desktop and phone. 


None of this has worked. In the desktop app under the "Devices Available" option in the bottom right, there is normally nothing. When she takes over however it says that devices are available and then when I click it, it shows "Living room Speaker" as we had named the Google home. 


This is all *horribly* frustrating, and it will even happen when I am driving and it will kick me off mid-song or album. Then when safe I need to open the app and select "Listen on this device" and then navigate back through my music to what I want because it is now showing whatever she has asked for. 



TLDR: How do I force a Google home to stop using my Spotify account?


Please and Thank you!

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Wouldn't you be able to revoke the Google access from logging in to Spotify on the Web?

The Confused viking

I was also having the exact issue. I believe revoking Google Home is the answer. I will reconnect my Google Home when I get time. 


I'm assuming this is the resolution.

Revoking permissions to Google did not resolve this issue. Once I gave permission from my Google Home, the issue persisted. When I try to listen to Spotify, the music stops and I can see via the App that my ex is using my Spotify Account to listen on her Google Home Device.


As previously stated, I have already logged out of all devices and changed my Spotify Account password.


This would most likely be resolved having her unlink and link her free Spotify Account from her Google Home. She is not computer savvy and would not access to do so. 


Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

I don’t think it’s a Spotify issue, I think it’s a google issue. I have the same problem with my ex. Our google homes are connected somehow even though I’ve taken every possible step to remove her. She doesn’t show up on the home, I’ve changed all my passwords, I’ve unlinked Spotify, I’ve “logged out of everywhere” from Spotify. Nothing has worked. I know it’s a google home problem because every now and then I will hear her broadcasts from my google home. If anyone has figured out a solution, please share.

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