Spotify won't accept payment

Spotify won't accept payment



Free, lost premium last night



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So my spotify ran out last night, and earlier today I went and got a prepaid visa card to pay for it. I entered it in and it wouldn't accept no matter what I did, so I went back out and got a 25$ mastercard, as I've had this issue before and paying with a mastercard fixed it. But nope, wouldn't take that either. I credited 5$ to my account on steam with BOTH cards so I know they work, does anyone have any thoughts?

I've had premium for about 2 years at this point and every month except I think back in march I've paid with a prepaid so idk why this isn't working. I also just tried with my credit card,a nd that didn't work either. Literally any bit of help would be greatly appreaciated, thanks.

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Hello @Eric_Jaskow!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. Can you try this process using another browser or Incognito Mode? It might be worth trying another device.


Also make sure your payment method's country matches your account's country settings. You can check that in your Spotify account page.

Keep me posted and have a nice day!

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