Spotify won't take credit card information


Spotify won't take credit card information


Today, I recently decided to sign up for the student discount for spotify premium. After my student status for the current term was verified, I proceeded to upgrade my account. However, everytime I try to submit my credit card information, I get the following message. " Oops looks like your credit card provider is having a bad day". I was able to make three online purchases with Amazon the same day, and have contacted my provider to confirm nothing is wrong. If anyone can help me rectfiy this it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey! @RSirimanne - Welcome for posting on the Spotify Community 

Below are some troubleshooting steps, Can you check all of these and make sure these are complete. It may help to reach out to your Credit Card Provider as there may be an issue at their end. If you still have no luck let me know and we'll get this looked into deeper 🙂


  1. Was your payment method issued in the same country that’s registered to your Spotify account?
    The country of your payment method must match the one in your Spotify profile, so we can verify your location.
    Check out more information on how to change the country on your account.
  2. Is your card enabled for foreign purchases and online and recurring transactions?
    You can contact your bank or credit company to check this. You may also need to have your card set up for 3D Secure online transactions. Examples include “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode”.
  3. Has your card expired or been cancelled?
    Contact your bank or credit card company for further details or to request a new card. Then update your payment details, and try signing up again.
  4. Contact your bank or credit card company. 
    Their phone number is usually provided on the back of the card you’re trying to use