Start subscription with a gift card


Start subscription with a gift card


I don't have neither credit card nor paypal, my 7 days iphone trial is over and i want to subscribe to Spotify premium. Is it possible to not put any payment info and use only gift card for starting subscribtion? Can I get 30-days free trial using only gift card?

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Re: Start subscription with a gift card


Hi @octa1, welcome to the Spotify Community!


And yes, any Spotify Gift Card (purchased at the online gift card page or the physical one, sold at selected retailer stores) can be redeemed for a Spotify Premium subscription.


If you have purchased a Paid Subscription using a Code, your Paid Subscription will automatically terminate at the end of the Pre-Paid Period, or when there is an insufficient pre-paid balance to pay for the Service.


When you register for a Paid Subscription, Trial, or Code online, you consent to get access to Spotify Premium immediately.


The 30 days free trial, requires payment details, but Spotify is always offering trials or deals where you can get Premium for a fraction of the regular price, for a specified time. Check out our current offers to find out more. 


Note: Unless stated otherwise, you are not eligible for a trial if you have already taken our free trial or discounted offer in the past.


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