Still charged for Premium account after being Premium for Family

Still charged for Premium account after being Premium for Family

SOn my account I converted it to be Premium for Family to provide my children with premium based accounts.  My son's account was a Premium at £9.99.  When his became a part of my Subscription I assumed that as there was no need to do anything as there was no option to cancel his payment card or anything (which actually happens to be my card anyway!!) because it said look at the main Family account for subscription information.  £9.99 was taken from his account on 21st March.  I create the Family account on 6th April, being charged £14.99.  I therefore assumed I would get a credit on the prorated amount between 6th April and the remaining part of his month he had already paid.  I was therefore even more surprised when I saw another £9.99 come out on 21st April, there is no option on his account to cancel the payment card.  There is no link that I can see anywhere that allows me to dispute these payments.  Can anyone provide help here please?

Details of payments can be seen on attached.

Spotify Payments.png
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It seems that you may have a second account. Fret not, this happens more often than you might think, and we’ve even got a handy flow-chart to help you solve this conundrum.

Hi Thomas I think that you might have misread my post.  I personally have 1 account.  My son and daughter each have their own accounts.

My son was a premium member paying £9.99.

I converted my free account to a paying Family Premium at £14.99 and sent an invite to him to join my one.  He did this.  According to Spotify's own help pages when this happens, their payments should stop as they are covered by the Family.

This did not happen and he (my card) got charged again.

That is the issue - there is not an issue of multiple accounts in his name.



Hello @mrbedford,


Yes you are correct in saying the payment should not be taken out once connected to a family account.


Please can you get the account owner that is still being charged to login to the account overview page (, then go to 'Receipts', please can you tell me what you see there?


Thank you 🙂

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