Student + 3 month deal


Student + 3 month deal

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Edit: jsut noticed something else, on the premium tab of spotify ( it still advertised for me to try and but Spotify premium, idk if that's how it is supposed to be or not but it is mildly confusing


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I bought the 3 months for £0.99 deal today, then whilst in my account settings i also saw the sign up as a student option, i signed up using uni days and clicked activate your deal. 

now in my account settings it has reduced the length of my premium down from expiring on 21/09/18 down to 21/08/18, whilst that is still 2 months of premium it isn't what I was expecting, and so I have a few questions:

1. will I be double charged (charged the 0.99 and the 4.99?)

2. will I still actually get all 3 months as well as then the student time?


3. why did it shorten my time?




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Re: Student + 3 month deal


Hey @MastersX99, welcome to the Community!


You shouldn't be double charged. You should also have the 3 months before your subscription switches to the discount.


If you're absolutely sure your time was shortened after signing up, reach out to us here so we can take a closer look.


Hope that helps 🙂

Re: Student + 3 month deal

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Your link doesnt work for me 😕 sends me to a "page not found" i can confirm that my time was shortened : (see screenshot)


bought on the 21/6/18  (3 months would expire on 21/9/18 and that was the displayed date when first checking) then i also linked my student card and now the date of expiration is: Your plan will automatically renew on 21/08/2018 and you'll be charged £4.99. 

which is only 2 months 😕