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Student Discount + Hulu

Student Discount + Hulu

Hey guys. Whole mess going on. Bad headache. Bare with me.


Hulu signed out on my TV.

Went onto Hulu's site to see why.


It was disconnected from Spotify.

Went to Spotify's site.


It says its connected to Hulu, despite Hulu claiming otherwise.

Disconnect from hulu in apps area, hoping I can reconnect.


No reconnect option.

Notice that my subscription has been downgraded from Spotify Student to basic premium. No idea how long I have been paying 2x the agreed rate.


Attempt to re-enroll in spotify student.

Spotify says it does not have enough evidence that I am a student after applying, provides no way to prove student status.


Can I send a selfie of me holding a failed exam in my bio class with the university logo clearly in the lecture hall while I hold my 2018 photo id that shows my name and university so that I can be reconnected? I'd be happy to send it via my university email from my university computer at my university IP address.


I just want to watch hulu. Help. Please.

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Update: Was able to find a working link to activate spotify student again. headache clearing up. Thanks bois

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