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Student Premium Subscription Changed to Family Subscription

Student Premium Subscription Changed to Family Subscription

Student Subscription with Hulu and Showtime (4.99/mo)

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Last month I subscribed to the student premium deal with ad-supported Hulu. Until yesterday, Hulu was working fine but now I can't watch any shows and it says to re-subscribe. I checked spotify and saw that my plan was the Family Premium plan. I removed the family plan but I cannot activate the student plan, it says my plan is a regular premium plan until I am billed again. How can I get access to Hulu back before then? How can I make sure that my plan isn't switched again?

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This is also happening to me. I did not authorize the change to my account and my email security is fine. There is no way anyone has access to my account to have done so purposefully. 

I believe there is a systematic issue at spotify for their student accounts automatically being changed, and they are refusing to acknowledge it. 

It's not just with student accounts. I was on the Individual Premium plus Hulu (I was able to get the offer back when it wasn't just for students). Yesterday I redeemed the free Google Home Mini offer only to find out my Individual Premium plan was changed to the Family Premium plan and since it was considered a new plan, they cancelled my Hulu subscription. I know I did not authorize the change. They say I did and will not switch my back to Individual Premium plus Hulu. They say that promotion is no longer valid, so I can't get it. Not cool.

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this!

We suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support team so that they can take a look backstage at your accounts and see what's happening.

Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you have any questions about this 🙂

I did exactly that and was extremely frustrated that the only possibility
they would acknowledge is that my account was compromised in some way and
someone miraculously changed my account to a family plan.

They did reset my password before they would restore my account. And made
me "reverify" my student status, even though the spotify account already
noted I was STILL a student because I only signed up last month. And the
agent acted surprised that it was already there, like somehow by me saying
that the page already had that information, it miraculously allowed him to
fix my account.

This is a terrible experience for literally the first month I was using
your services. And I have ZERO faith that your support team was even close
to doing their due diligence.

There were no unauthorized log ins.
There was no way my password was compromised, as this was JUST created and
a unique password last month.
There was no way my connection was compromised because I only used this on
My Email was not compromised because the only service that had an issue,
was Spotify.

The only common issue is your email about the google device, because it was
that very moment that my account services were ended with hulu and showtime
from the student plan, and those companies corroborated those facts.

This 100% was a systematic error on Spotify's part. And I think you know
that based on the community feedback. Either that or you all had a data

But whatever the outcome, this is your company's issue and/or mistake, and
I don't appreciate you failing to even acknowledge a problem. That is how
we million dollar settlements from companies like Equifax because if you
know you had an issue, and didn't disclose it, you are now a bad actor.

Exactly. Thank you for this, I could not have said it better myself.


I did contact customer support. Three times. They did absolutely nothing. Someone at Spotify knows there was a major screw up and they are blaming us. It's pathetic.

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