Student subscription suddenly canceled

Student subscription suddenly canceled


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Spotify has been charging me the regular Premium fee for the last 10 months despite the fact that I signed up originally as a student and was charged the $5.39 student fee for the first several years of my subscription. 

This is absurd. Without warning they canceled my student subscription and I have been paying double for 10 months. How can I get a refund?


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I'm sorry to hear this, you should take a look at the Refund Policy, this should give you more of an insight of how to go about the refund process and the specifics.


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Hello, the posted link doesn't include relevant information.

This is all it says:

"If you’ve never used your Premium subscription, or have bought but not redeemed an online Spotify gift card, you can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase. 


  • Spotify gift cards bought from a store can’t be refunded by Spotify.
  • If you subscribed to Premium through another company, such as your broadband/mobile provider, or with iTunes, you should contact that company for any refund requests."

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You will need to contact Spotify directly to receive a refund.

Just fill out the online contact form to create a ticket with support.


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