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[Subscription][International] Family Premium Enquiries

[Subscription][International] Family Premium Enquiries

Hi Community,


I would like to find out the following.


I have purchased Family Premium for a year from Country A but soon I need to move to Country B.


  1. Will I be able to use what I paid for until the subscription due next year?
  2. Will the accounts that remain in Country A be in premium after I moved to Country B?
  3. If I'm in Country B when the subscription ends but I do not have a debit/credit card from Country B, will I still be able to purchase premium? and which country premium will I be purchasing from?


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Hi there @JN_,

thanks for reaching out !


Spotify's Premium Family subscription was created to serve a Family of subscribers living in the same country and under the same address.


In order for the subscription to work properly the following terms must remain:

1. Each and every user invited must have their own account

2. Paying owner of the plan must have a payment method issued in the same country

3. All accounts must resign under the same country and address


Unfortunately, when you move to another location keeping the old country under your profile might effect the account and revert your account to your old ones (before invitations).


In order to maintain a correct and properly installed Premium Family, make sure to maintain the country listed on all accounts as your real location.

Renewal or changes will not be available if your payment method and country / address aren't a match.


You can read all about the Premium Family plan here.


I hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Hi @OneByBoo,
Thanks for answering my question.

So a family premium will not work when other accounts that are not registered with the same address.

Still would I be able to use what I paid for until the subscription end, which is more than 9 months?
And will I still be able to renew my subscription without a local debit/credit card?

Hi @JN_,


As mentioned, transferring to another country with the old address may cause the subscription to end until the address and country are sorted back to the real one.


As long as your payment method matches the country listed, the payment will go through.

Any other option will cause an issue with the payment process.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Hi @OneByboo,


Thanks for the clarification, by the way, is it the same for DUO?


The thing is like everyone else, I do not want to be paying for something that I couldn't use, so I'm having a difficulty understanding how this can work for me.


I need to move soon and either I get a 1-month DUO or 12-months Family premium, I currently do not have a payment method for the country I'm moving to, so my concern is if I were to pay for premium would Spotify suspend my usage if I pass the 14-day? or till the end of my subscription? or can I at least know how many days till that happens?


Maybe a recommendation?


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