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Subscription Payment Failed

Subscription Payment Failed


When I connected Spotify today, I saw a message telling me "Your subscription payment failed.You'll lose your subscription if we don't have a working payment method for your account, so please update your payment details."

The thing is that when I check my payment information, the credit card is still the same, which is still good to use and with credit available on it.


Can somebody tell me why the payment failed ? And How long will I have to make the update in case it would not be a simple informatical bug ?


Thank you for helping me understanding my issue

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Hey @Emie, welcome to the Community!


Try making sure that your payment card meets the requirements listed here. If it doesn't meet the requirements, make sure to make the necessary changes so it does meet them.


After that, we'll try making the payment again and it should go through if it meets the requirements.


Be sure to keep us in the loop 🙂

Hi @SergioDavid,

I was well fitting the requirements on your list, but it wasn't working...

So I randomly found out how to contact the Spotify Support chat and the operator suggested me to wait for few days - what I did - and it now works well !


However, the payment have been done 🙂


Thanks for your answer

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