TransferWise... still nothing

TransferWise... still nothing










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Windows 10



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Payment with TransferWise international card is still not possible.

I wanted to share a Spotify Duo subscription in the country where I'm studying (Canada) and to do that, I had to change my country setting to Canada.


That's why I asked for a manual cancelling of my premium subscription... and now, I can't subscribe to Spotify Duo using my only payment card here in Canada because it is a TransferWise card and even if it is a international online bank, the physical bank is not located in Canada.


I tried using Paypal but have the same problem of license policies...


I understand that TransferWise users do not represent a huge amount of your users but that problem is not new and it would be nice if a solution could be found.

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Hi there @JulianBruxelle,

thanks for reaching out !


Unfortunately, TransferWise isn't a valid payment method for Spotify subscriptions at the moment.


In order to activate any Premium account correctly, the user must state their current country and provide a matching payment method issued in that same country.


This is a basic payment request across all Spotify premium subscription including the Premium Duo & Family specifically as they both rely on the user location.


I was able to find this idea posted last year regarding the type of method you mentioned and many more.

Unfortunately it didn't gain enough votes from community users and was declared "Inactive".


As it's been a while, i would suggest raising the issue again and posting an idea in the "Ideas" section.

You can learn how to post it correctly using the steps provided here.


In addition, Spotify takes its users feedback very seriously.

Feel free to read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify factors here.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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I've complained about this myself. The basic problem is that you have to pay for a subscription in country X with a card from country X. That means I can't give my daughter, who's in school in another country, a gift subscription. It's really bizarre. I have no idea why this multinational company has such a policy. 

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