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Trouble with paying

Trouble with paying

Today I was traying to pay mi account spotify, many many times, it's so strange because I could do it normally. But after a few minutes I checked my salary statement and I was surprised because on the website appeared as payment was made for four times !!!! I cannot explain so why I CAN'T use my fuc***g spotify account !!! and on spotify website still now is showing that message "your last pay doesn't work" 

I feel like I'm being robbed of my money...I sure that another people are in the trouble like me...Do not end up letting us down anymore


Give me a practice solution guys...THANK U

Imagen1_spotify pago.png
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Hey @SPARK2DAY, welcome to the Spotify Community!

As long as you didn't receive payment confirmation emails for those charges, they should be only pending, which means they should be canceled soon. If you check again in a few days and they are still listed, I can help you get in contact with Spotify support.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂

I thought that the problem was solved, however a few days ago I checked my salary statement and again spotify processed payment for 3 times !!!! on a same day (date 03/04 look picture below) then after some days surprisely cash was back but on this time for 4 times (date 07/04 look picture below) ¿? ... seriously guys, WHAT THE ++++ IS HAPPENING ¿? When will this problem end? who really helps us ¿? I'm really disappointed because for a one minut I really thought that problem was over...

So in a few weeks again this *** will happen again?. Be serious and provide a real solution.

Otherwise I will recommend that my friends and family not use this service because their payment channels are not safe.


By the way I really dislike your "solution"...


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