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UPI Payment failed but charged

UPI Payment failed but charged






OnePlus 3T

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

I tried to upgrade my subscription from free to premium 1 year through UPI payment method.

But the payment got failed and I was charged Rs 1189. It didn't get refunded as well.

Spotify please help me on this. Attaching the screenshot of my payment proof.


34 Replies

Did anyone get a reply? Or any update?

Yes, Spotify is aware that this issue exists and is working to resolve it. They're saying that it'll get resolved within the 30-day trial period (which of course isn't activated for everyone), but hopefully it won't take that long. Probably some software glitch, so resolution might take a few days. All we can do is wait and see what happens. In the meantime, probably don't try to purchase the subscription through other means as it might create other problems. At least that's what I'm doing.

Just got my money refunded. Yay! Now just waiting for the solution.

Hi All, just to update, just got the refund for both of my payments. 

Good. I haven't got mine refunded. Let's see and wait till this get resolved.

Did you send an email for the refund?

Not exactly. Had raised an issue somewhere, although I didn't give any details about the payment. They could still figure all that out, but I think this might be the work of an automatic refund system. Just give it some time and see if it comes through.

No. No mails. just contacted them via Twitter.

No, I just had a chat with live support. They said they will refund automatically. Waiting for mine to get refunded.

I got my refund back but now it seems all payment methods here are down and not working. Even Credit Cards are also getting rejected so lets wait and see when it gets resolved.

I just did the subscription payment credit Card.

Same here, Subcribed with Credit Card. But this should not be the case that the only way for subscription is through Credit Card only. Maybe they will Debit or Other payment Options Later. 


Also Now repeat one song option also came finally.

I got my refund and also paid through paytm to get the premium subscription! !

Got my refund too. Any idea whats the safest way to get premium subscription? Whether Prepaid or Monthly? Credit or Debit or UPI?

After I got my refund I made payment using Paytm for yearly subscription. Worked like a charm. Even a couple of my friends did the same (Paytm). I suggest you to do the same.

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