Unable to Purchase Premium Gift Subscription

Unable to Purchase Premium Gift Subscription


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I've been trying to buy a Premium 12 mo. subscription, but when I try to purchase it the transaction will not go through. There is no issue with my cards.  I am not entering the card information wrong.  I've tried on a couple of different devices- imac, ipad.  Any suggestions? I've had this issue since Saturday.

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Also, in case the topic heading didn't make it clear, I am trying to buy a gift subscription for someone. 

Hey @jcgrether.


Thanks for getting in touch!


If you are trying to pay for an e-card as a gift for someone, be sure to visit this website. You could try it in an incognito browsing session. Usually does the trick 🙂


If not, take a look at this page where we go over all the scenarios why a payment is not going through.


Hope it will work. Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you.


Have a nice day!

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