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Unable to pay 12.99 subscription because I'm not "legible".

Unable to pay 12.99 subscription because I'm not "legible".

So I opened up Spotify last night to see a read heading on the app saying I haven't payed for my subscription. I didn't think too much of it so I went to the website to update my details (got a new credit card so I thought that was the issue) but then I couldn't find the premium option for 12.99 AUD? Did Spotify possibly remove it, it did say I was not legible for the option for some reason. I don't really want to pay more for it since I'm a high school student working a minimum wage job. I have been a premium member for the last 10 or so months so this is a bummer. Any clues?

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Woops nevermind, i was able to change my card details, and got the payment through. sorry for my stupidity aha.

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