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Unable to pay using MCO credit card

Unable to pay using MCO credit card

I tried to upgrade to Spotify premium and using my new MCO Visa card for payment.   However I am getting error message “Something went wrong.  Try agin, or get help”.   

I tried many times using iPhone and iMac to make payment.  All failed.   Please advice how can I fix the issue.   Thanks. 

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Hi David,

Please ensure your MCO card has the "Enable International Usage" enabled.

Let me know if it helps

I have the same issue. I have turned on the "Enable International Usage" setting and have tried as well. It's still not working.



Yes.  The MCO card is enabled and I am using it for other payment without problem.  

Spotify still cannot use to pay?.

My monthly payment with a Mastercard just failed. Tried changing to a Visa card that failed too. Something up with Spotify's payment system?

My email is *snip* I have tried to update my card so that I can pay but it does not work. Please advise me

Still cannot ! Sad !

Yes tired but still cannot upgrade to premium.  Payment fail again with same message.  Sad !

Hey everyone,


If you're having difficulties signing up for Premium, could you check out this page and go through the steps? I'd also recommend trying an incognito or private window, preferably on a desktop device, when you enter your payment details again.


In case that doesn't work either, we suggest to get in touch with your payment provider or try a different payment method.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for thawing the URL but I am still unable to pay to upgrade to premium. This is sad.

Dear Sir
I am at a loss to have received this email. If you look at you correspondence you will see on the email ref OODDOpxIW-500202O095SQ:ref saying that my son had succeeded in registering my new card. On email sent on Sunday is the receipt order Id [snip - Community Moderator edit]. March 29th for £9.99.
I presume everything is in order now?
Yours sincerely
Maggie Drummond

I also have the same issues. 

If any Customer Service team from Spotify please contact me to solve the issues. 

if not, i have to cancel the subscription due of the poor customer service. 

Lot of the card does not accept without any reason. very bad experience.

I followed all the steps here:


and it's not working for me either. 

Try switching to Internet Explorer to sign up and make payment for the premium account with the MCO card. Works for me.

I tried using desktop chrome and update. Keep clicking about 5-6 times, it gets accepted. 


got the same issue, regardless which country I choose.

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