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Unwanted playlists and strange artists

Unwanted playlists and strange artists





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Recently I've started noticing strange artists that seem like a fake accounts with some random music. I keep on seeing playlist all of which contain an underscore `_`

I removed all of them however I keep on seeing these artists in my Recently played across all devices I'm using.
What in the name of good music is going on. I've logged myself out of all the devices, removed access for all applications and reset the password.



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Hey @tjalnum, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

That's not cool!

If you think someone else might have gained access to your account please follow these steps.


Thanks and take care 🙂

@Loxer, your solution is partial. Besides I've already applied these steps as per my post.

What I'm concerned about here is the frozen 'Recently Played' with some garbage tunes. As per the screenshot, my every device looks like that. Cache removal doesn't help (didn't try reinstall, will give it a shot).

Plus, I'd expect Spotify team to verify these "artists" as per my investigation, all three are fake.

As an addition, I keep on seeing these albums in my Recently Played, despite the fact I keep on removing those



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