Voucher is accepted, but not activated

Voucher is accepted, but not activated






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On 2/7/21 I've redeemed an 60 € voucher, but I'm still being charged for my Premium account monthly. On the 23rd day of every month, an amount of 9,99 € is withdrawn from my PayPal account. These payments are not visible in my Receipts section of my account.

I do not have any other accounts on Spotify, I've already checked it.

Only other payments to Spotify, that are shown in the Receipts section are:

2/7/21 60,00 €

1/24/21 9,99 €
12/24/20 9,74 €

In contrary, in my PayPal account I see the following payments to Spotify:

12/24/2020 9,74 €

01/24/2021 9,99 €

02/23/2021 9,99 €

03/23/2021 9,99 €

In the Available plans section it says,
Current plan: Spotify Premium

Your plan will change to Spotify Premium on 8/24/21.

It seems like the voucher is not activated. Please forward my question to the support.

Best regards

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Hey there!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues using your Gift Card. Would you please confirm if when you try to use the Gift Card, any error messages show up? When have you purchased this Gift Card? 


Have you tried cancelling your subscription before it was renewed, and then using the Gift Card? I'd suggest that you check with the store you purchased the voucher because there's a possibility that it might have not been activated properly. 


I'd suggest that you check this article for more information about common issues with Gift Cards, there you'll be able to reach out to Support directly if needed.


Please let me know how it goes. 🙂


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Hi! Thank you for the link! I've already read all the advices from it. Sadly, there were no advices useful in my case.

The gift card were given to me as a present, so I do not know where or when it was bought, but I do know it is not older thant two years. Further, the code from the card was correctly accepted and, as I've written in my previous message, the amount of 60 € was correctly transferred to my Spotify account, but it is not being used to pay for monthly fees, but I'm being charged with the standard fee for Spotify Premium instead.

I haven't tried cancelling my subscription before I redeemed the voucher.

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