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Way to listen on multiple devices on the same account?

Way to listen on multiple devices on the same account?

My roommate has recently jumped into Spotify and I let him use my account for a while since without a phone I wasn't using my account as much, and we're usually together anyways so it just made sense. However, lately we've been running into the issue of both of us wanting to use it at the same time, and since you can't use the same account on two devices at the same time we'll interupt and kick each other out on accident pretty frequently. I know that Family lets you get multiple accounts for the same household, but we've set up so many playlists and saved so much music between the two of us that we really just wanna use the same account and continue adding to playlists and liked music so that we can keep easily introducing each other to new stuff. Is there a way to have him listen on his phone in the car while I continue jamming out on my PS4? If we do go the Family Plan route, will the newly made accounts keep all of the Liked Music and Playlists that already exist on my account? 

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Hello @Illuvial

The only workaround to listen on 2 devices on the same account is to put one of them in offline mode. For example download your playlists on your phone then use the menu to set it to offline mode, then it won't interrupt the other account as long as it is offline. The downside is that you can only listen to your downloaded stuff, no streaming.

If you go the Family route, the new accounts you made are just that - new accounts. They will be blank. But there is so called collaborative playlists - they are playlists shared between several accounts and each account can listen/add/modify the playlist. So in your case, you can create a second account and make the playlists of the first one collaborative between the two accounts.

Hope this is useful to you 🙂

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