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Why did my premium change to free while I'm abroad ?

Why did my premium change to free while I'm abroad ?


So I've had a premium status for 6 months and I pay every time, I went to Japan before mid-june and it was still working (actually for more than 14 days) but suddenly I was logged out and the message about the 14 days abroad popped out. I read in another topic that I had to change my country (well everything was in japanese, and it was hard finding it). I did it anyway and I could log in! Yay I thought everything would be over but then I couldn't listen to any song and everything that I downloaded so far wasn't anymore, and I saw that under my subscription status it was written "free", but whyyy?!
Please help me..
I can't stay without music for long!
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Hey @NanLasciami, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like your account reverted to Free because we were unable to make your last payment.


Right now, to get back to Premium, you'll need to sign up here using a Japanese payment method.


We hope that helps.

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