Won't accept expiration month/date

Won't accept expiration month/date

Hi, I've got a new card, but Spotify won't accept my expiration month/date. Though it's the correct one. Whatever should I do?
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Hey there @Kathrine3, welcome to the community!


That doesn't sound right. Can you try clearing out the cache and cookies memory in your browser and then updating your credit card information anew? Alternatively, try in an incognito window in your browser.


Let me know how it goes!



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exact same issue, tried entering manually with mm/yy as shown, even tried to do the photo of the card, which picked up the card number and exp date as mm/yyyy

when submitting i get Please enter the expiration month. im looking right at it.....

betting its an issue with mobile browsers. computer browser worked fine. Something for you guys to look into anyway

Same here. Can't upgrade. Safari on macbook pro


same here

Hey everyone!


If you're still having this issue after clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window, try entering the expiration date first before any other card details.


Let us know if that does the trick.


All the best.

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