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cannot subscribe to premium using mobile

cannot subscribe to premium using mobile

i cannot subscribe to premium P149/month using mobile payment. i have subscribed a few months ago but now i could not. i am a smart user in the Philippines. my last subsrciption of premium was i think November 2019. i tried fortumo customer support but it doesnt work. restrictions on the operators side are their response. reallyt dont understand. much better if i could talk to or chat to a customer service officer. thank you

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Hey there @Point5!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this.


You can start off by checking if you have enough credit on your mobile account as this could cause this issue.


If all is well on that front, we'd recommend to wait a few days and try again, or try in a private/incognito window (there might’ve been a temporary connection problem).


We understand that you've reached out to Fortumo but since they manage mobile payments it's best to check out their support center if the issue persists.


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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i have enough credit on my account. maybe i should wait a few days. havent tried the incognito window because i dont know how. thanks

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