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changed my bank info and got charged on both bankaccounts

changed my bank info and got charged on both bankaccounts


Last month i tried spotify for free and i liked it so i decided to keep it. I changed, the day before i had to pay for another month, to a family account. But i changed my bank info from my account too mine parents account. When i changed parents payed the 15$ immediatly and the day after that i got charged 15$ on my own account too. How does that work? I paid and changed my bank info and they still charged me. How can i see to wich bank account my spotify is linked. i can only change the info but not see it.

can somebody help me with this because i dont want pay the double price.

thank you!

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Hey @Milanw,


Sorry to hear you are having payment issues.


To clarify, do you mean you and your parent's both got charged for family subscription's on two seperate bank account's?




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hey defaone

i got charged on my account (the first account i linked) and on my parents account (they share one and this was the second bank info i linked to spotify.

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