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country problems for premium family

country problems for premium family

ok this is getting KAFka total. So i had to change my country because, although I live in Spain with my family, I have enlisted a belgian account for the payment. So now I have to be Belgian ! Then I changed it to premium family. No problem until I invited my wife who lives with me in Spain and she was not accepted because she lived in a different country (for Spotify!). As she is was not premium I cannot change her country to Belgium neither....her account "modify" does not allow a change of country.
No person to talk to here ?

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I have the same problem with my husband, who is registered from Estonia, and my account is Lithuania. So we can't use premiur family, because we can't change country ANYWHERE!!! I go to subscription and there is no "update details" it is only payment changing buttom. And no any options to change my country or my husband's country. How it can be??? 

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