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I and my brothers signed the Family Plan in February, so early in March came the bill and we paid, but started to make a mistake in our accounts, an error that said "we could not confirm that you live in the same address as the owner "and none of us were able to use the service any more, so I (the owner) canceled the plan. Behold, now at the beginning of April the invoice arrived again charging the same value as if we were using it normally, and I canceled. My brothers and I are NOT using it, and we do not use EVERY MONTH OF MARCH. If the error message came, we did not use it, and I canceled it, why the **bleep** am I still being charged for it?
2 Replies

Hey! I don't work for Spotify but that doesn't sound normal tbh. If you have a screenshot of your cancellation notice I would DM @SpotifyCares or send it to them in the contact form and explain the situation. They're usually very understanding. Uhhh if they can't verify you that means someone probablyu just put in the wrong address. I'm sorry that happened though, let me know what you decide to do!

Hey man! Thanks for answer me, I'll send to you a screenshot but he is in other language (portuguese, from Brazil), the language of my country, soo I'll send to you, and If you know something I'll be soo gratefull, at first thanks a lot! 😄

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