free subscription for not new users in Russia

free subscription for not new users in Russia







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I switched to spotify on purpose a year ago, because I like this service compared to other local ones in Russia, and now, after a year and a half, spotify stops subscribing due to technical reasons for the impossibility of payment, that is, you betray all people in Russia like this and force them to switch on pro-government services, instead of just giving a free subscription for 3 months (and this is within your ability, given the global scale of spotify), you simply abandon your users and thereby please our government, because many will be forced to switch to Russian music services, it turns out that you are even more accomplices of the war than those Russians who are afraid to go against the authorities, and my question is this: Why did I pay for the service for a year and a half, trusted my data, and now they just block access to me just because I don’t lucky to be born in this country? Why can't you provide free access if it's technically impossible to pay for a subscription? I dont want Freemium, because its totally not what im paying for and invested my time with personal information

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