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hello, i want to ask about why i cant buy premium via paysafecard

hello, i want to ask about why i cant buy premium via paysafecard



My Question or Issue is why i cant buy premium via paysafecard because i dont have any bank card or paypal so i jsut wonder why suddenly i cant buy it via paysafe 

is it going to be fixed or is it forever ? 

4 Replies

Hello @martyn7 , welcome to the Spotify Community!


Purchasing Premium via Paysafecard is only available in certain countries.

You can check the available payment methods by going to your account --> Subscription.

Note: If you’re on the free, ad-supported service, you’ll need to click GET PREMIUM. (Don’t worry, that won’t sign you up for Premium.)

hey thank you for answer i know that it is availible in certain countries only but i want to know why it is not availible in slovakia right now and if it is going to be availible sometime again


you know i want to buy premium but i just cant cuz i can only buy it with paysafecard i dont have paypal or credit card i have just paysafecard so should i jsut pretend i am from different country or what ? 😄 


Hi @martyn7, sorry for the late reply!


As Paysafecard is not available in your country I can only advise you to be patient and keeping an eye on your account page to see if Paysafecard becomes an available payment method.


You can also head to the Ideas Exchange and create an idea if you would like to see Paysafecard as a payment method in your country in the future.

You can find more information about how the ideas are implemented in this Spotify Answer.

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