i cant pay my premium account

i cant pay my premium account

Till yesterday i've been trying to pay premium account, but no credit card accepts, just let me know that there is a failure in payment, I went to their help options and I read that if I had this kind of problem I would go to cancel my premium account and re-subscribe to premium account, and temporarily I accept the payment, now I stayed at spotify free without my comforts.

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Hey @cornelius91, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We'd recommend checking if your card meets the requirements at https://support.spotify.com/article/problems-paying-for-spotify-by-card/. If everything is under control, try to subscribe from an incognito window.


Take care 🙂

I still can not have my premium account, I followed the instructions of the link they gave me and I still can not get the premium account 

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