lots of ads and spam on a premium account


lots of ads and spam on a premium account


i've been using a premium spotify account for many years and since about one year ago my account got filled with unwanted music, lots of horrible recommendations and weird abums advertisement on my new releases section.
i remember that i had access to an useful notification bell, on my desktop application, where i could find news about the album releases of the artists that i was following, but somehow it disappeared, and now i never get news about the artists that i'm following, and instead i can only find horrendous music recommended to me. i've been searching for a way to get those notifications again but i can't understand how.
also, when i'm playing my playlists from the android application, at the end of my list spotify doesn't restart the same playlis or stop playing, it starts spamming horrible musics that i never added to my list.
there's a lot of spam and horrible music advertisements on my account, maybe i'm doing something wrong, because i have a premium account and this shouldn't happen.
how can i completely disable those wrong and unwanted recommendations and configure the spotify application to display only the new releases of artists that i'm following?

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Re: lots of ads and spam on a premium account

Casual Listener

I would appreciate a button that one could stop after a selected album or playlist like it used to. I have found that Spotify no longer knows what I like and the music that streams when a playlist is complete in mostly not welcome. Please provide a toggle switch to enable/diable this fairly new feature.