my account says it has no payment method

my account says it has no payment method


hey, i was using my spotify family account with my mom, and mine says the payment method didnt go trough, but it did charge the money on my mothers card, this already has happened before, im tired of this kinda trouble, ive been using this plataform for 2 years now, my moms account is fine with no errors, care to tell me what is happening? im starting to get nervous, i dont want to lose my subscription, and get charged money anyways.


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Hey @leshishixoxo, welcome to the Community!


Just to be sure, you're on a Premium for Family with your mom and her account is the administrator of the plan, right? 


How long has this been happening for? Are you sure you're part of your mom's plan? It sounds like you didn't join her plan and you're paying for an individual subscription.


You can make sure of this by checking out the Receipts tab from your Account Overview.


If you're not on her plan, ask her to send you an invite so you can join. This will prevent you from being charged on your account.


Let us know how it goes.

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