paying twice


paying twice


Just over a year ago i lost my debit card so i had to cancel it, the payment for spotify couldnt come out of my account so i changed payment method to paypal. I didn't notice until now but after i got my new debit card the payments started coming out of my account again without my knowledge. I've checked and ive now been paying for spotify twice every month for 12 months! 

I'm pretty annoyed seeing as i changed my payment method and had no notification what so ever that it was now coming out of my bank account again.

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Re: paying twice


Hey @Stacey1994, welcome to the community!


Sounds like you have two Spotify accounts created with your information. Right now, you can only have one payment detail linked to each Spotify account.


I suggest following these steps to see if you can find the log in details for each account. You can cancel the subscription on the account you're not using to stop the duplicate payments.


Let me know how it goes.

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