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"Activate Hulu" button not showing?

"Activate Hulu" button not showing?


I have the Premium subscription through the student + Hulu plan, but the "Activate Hulu" button is not showing up on my Account Overview page. What's going on?

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Awful service.. I am thinking about canceling my spotify..i do not get the activate Hulu pop up..this needs to be fixed! 


SO frustrating. The same thing is happening to me. 


I activated my Hulu a while ago and then for some reason my subscription for Spotify Student got canceled. So, I renewed a subscription and am now using Spotify Premium for Students, but there's no activate Hulu button and my Hulu says that I don't have any subscriptions to it. Is there a way to relink my accounts?


I am able to click on the 'Activate Hulu' button, but it takes me to a blank page showing 

"An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #30.bfadedcc.1530560638.87f59a9"


Any ideas on what to do?


My "Activate Hulu" button isn't showing either. I have a spotify premium account that I activated just a few months ago, so yes it's up to date. I have read through lots of comments and tried all of them. I tried clearing my cache and cookies, I opened my account in an incognito browser, etc. Apparently a lot of other people are also having this problem. Fix it. If you are advertising Spotifty and Hulu, we should be able to get what is advertised. This has obviously been happening for a while now and nothing has been done yet.


All you guys have to do is log in. Then go here

Then click get started

Then it will activate the Hulu prompt


I think I am having an issue like everyone else. When I go to the Spotify Student page and click Get Started it takes me to a page that says my student discount is available and then tells me the date it's valid to. There isn't anything to click on, on this page that will take me to Hulu. There is only an X to close that screen. 

Is there supposed to be something to click on to go to Hulu from this page or am I missing something?

I have tried this same process on multiple computers, browsers, and my phone and they all have the same result. I have attached screenshots to show what I am seeing on my end. 

Discount Available.png
Get Started.png


All you guys have to do is log in. Then go here

Then click get started

Then it will activate the Hulu prompt


Spotify’s customer service has been ridiculous in helping us as I had the same problems, but I found a solution.


Go to the account overview like Spotify support has been saying. But you don’t have an “Activate Hulu” button, so spotify’s Support hasn’t helped you at all! Click on “manage plan”. Your plan should say “Premium for student + Hulu”. If not, click “change or cancel” and select this plan. 


Hope I was more helpful than Spotify’s atrocious support.


love you all




I just tried to follow your instructions and still no luck 😕


I have the option to add it but it just sends me into a loop of the same three pages. I can’t get any further than this. I have tried all the other methods too (incognito & clearing cache)




I have also performed recommended cookie dump. I still do not see anything associated with activating hulu.




It sounds like there are a few issues being mentioned in this thread now. We're sorry to hear some of you are still having trouble connecting Hulu.


@Antonyyle - Does the same thing happen for you from a different device? If you're able to try this from a desktop, let us know the results.


@spot5280 - We're also sorry to hear you're not able to see this option. Can you try this again from:

  • A different device
  • A different browser
  • In an incognito window

We also recommend clearing your browser's cache/cookies.


Hope that helps and keep us updated. 


I've tried every possible remedy in this forum to no avail. I even contacted Hulu customer support and there was nothing they could do on their end.


The solution that worked for me is, I contacted Spotify customer support via chat and they cancelled my student subscription and sent me a link to resubscribe to Student + Showtime and Hulu. Then the activate button appeared in the "Your Services" tab. Last, it asks you if you want to change the billing to Spotify, confirm and done. This process may be able to be done yourself.


To my understanding the issue lies within Spotify's website. The services page needs to be updated to account for existing student subscribers.


Hey @JokerElite,


Thanks for the info. Happy to hear it worked out for you 🙂


This might solve the issue for some since it refreshes the subscription. The issue might however depend on which bundle you choose, so we suggest that others try with a different device, a different browser and in an incognito window. If this doesn't work, hit a vote on this thread and tell us the product type (e.g. Premium + Hulu or Student Discount + Hulu) along with a screenshot. 





Cleared cache, used multiple different browsers over a span of two weeks now. Live in the USA, please help. I am tired of not being able to activate either showtime or hulu and then getting charged more than my student account everytime you try to expire it.




The activate hulu bottom is not showing up, I have cleared the cache and it still does not show up. 

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