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"All songs" is gone.

"All songs" is gone.








Android, Windows, Chrome, android and craple

Operating System

Windows 7/8/10, android and aple


My Question or Issue

I want the option to see and shuffel all songs in my library back. 95% of the time I shuffle random songs in my library. The crappy impementation of  a the shuffle was something I could deal with. But sinds the option to show and shuffle all songs is replaced by "songs you like" I'm kinda 'done' with Spotify. 


What database lacks the option to show everything in there?


If i want to add all the albums and songs I've added over last weeks/months I first have find them againe and pres the **bleep** like button \_(-_-)_/


What where you guys smoking when you guys thought that was a good idea?






PS: why doesn't the spell check work on this website? Sorry grammar pleople. I gave it my best 🙂

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Hey there @MC_trouble,

thanks for posting !


Please visit this help page for further info on the shuffle play feature of the app.


In addition, i'd recommend checking out this Spotify answer on the new UI, maybe it'll explain everything better.


Hope this helps 🙂

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