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"You've discovered a premium feature" banner shows in mobile app

"You've discovered a premium feature" banner shows in mobile app






Samsung Galaxy S10+

Operating System

Android Pie (9) w/ Samsung One UI


My Question or Issue

Recently while using Spotify I have had the issue where the app will start showing a white banner across the bottom that says "You've Discovered A Premium Feature.  

Get Premium!"  (Photo attached below) 

This happens when the app opens, when I try to download a Playlist, etc. 


If I click on the colored "Get Premium" on the banner, the app flashes quickly and just shows the screen I was on without the banner, until another "premium feature" is clicked. 


I have tried: restarting app, restarting phone, clearing cache, clearing data/downloads. Clearing data/downloads and reinstalling fixed the issue for about a week, and now the issue is back again. 


I have verified that my account is still under Premium status, up to date on payments, and all is well on desktop. I will re-install again, but wish to find a solution as re-downloading my offline library takes quite some time. 


Also, my phone storage (even after all of the songs fully downloaded in Spotify) still has 250gb of free space, so lack of storage isn't an issue either. 


Far before this issue, I've also had issues (across multiple android devices) of the app being very slow and loading with the green circle symbol anytime a tab is clicked (say Library, or Home, or an Album/artist is clicked), and sits there loading for long periods of time, even if the app is in offline mode or device has excellent internet connectivity. 

Issues also include frequent app freezes/needed app restarts when downloading songs. 


Above attempted solutions have not solved these various other issues, and they have happened across multiple devices of mine, but the 'Premium Feature' problem is still the priority problem. 

Thanks in advance. 


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I'm having the same issue on my Moto G5 phone (Android 8.1.0) - I've had a premium account for a while but have recently had the 'you've discovered a premium feature' banner pop up whenever I try to download playlists. Often the playlist will begin to download but will then stop and the banner will pop up. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app seems to temporarily solve the issue (playlists download) but eventually (I'm talking within about half an hour) it comes back, every time. I also don't have any storage issues and have checked everything else I can think of. It's extremely frustrating.

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